Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food Waste Log- Day 2

Today there was minimal waste, so I have almost nothing to complain about. It might be because I talked to the general manager and to the head chef, who both did not seem to know how much we were throwing out. Wow. I noticed in one year what they haven't noticed in 10+. Talk about only seeing what you want to see.
So todays waste:
1 shotgun scrambled eggs (4 lbs {it was a 2" pan})
2 full pans hashbrowns (6 lbs ea)
1 Shotgun spanish rice (8 lbs)
about 10 lbs fresh fruits and vegetables from the salad bar
1 shotgun Meatloaf (5 lbs)
1 shotgun chicken alfredo (6 lbs)
1 shotgun mashed potatoes (7 lbs)

So today we only tossed 42 lbs of food in the garbage, but we didn't even serve dinner, where most of our waste comes from. Remember, this is only completely edible food that has been in the warmer to wait to be served, but just hasn't been eaten. It's wrapped in plastic and cooked, just like any extra pan of food you have at a party and keep in your oven.

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