Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Food waste log- Week 1 Summary

Ok, so to tally up our wonderful week, here it is:

Wednesday, July 16: 125 lbs
Thursday, July 17: 42 lbs
Friday, July 18: 51 lbs
Saturday, July 19: 0 lbs
Sunday, July 20: 49 lbs
Monday, July 21: 117 lbs
Tuesday, July 22: 94 lbs

In total, for just seven days on food, we wasted as a company, 478 lbs of food.

Just shy of a 1/4 ton.

Food Waste Log- Days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

I haven't been keeping up. Sorry for the delay.

Day 3, Friday:
Breakfast (only meal for the day):
3.5 shotguns eggs (8lbs ea)
3 full pans hashbrowns (6lbs ea)
2.5 full pans pancakes (2lbs ea)
1 full pot oatmeal (10lbs)

Total for day three, 51 lbs. Just for breakfast. Think of all the people you could feed.

Day 4, Saturday:
No waste that I could see. There was no line food, just a catering event. I scooped ice cream.

Day 5, Sunday:
We served lunch in a Buffet line.
They kept everything that they served.
Left over from Catering the night before:
4 full pans Mac and Cheese (7lbs ea)
3 shotguns stirfry (3lbs ea)
1 pan chicken strips (4lbs)
From the Ice Cream Social:
about 50 scoops of ice cream (2 gallons ice cream or 8lbs converted)
calculated waste for day five: 49 lbs

Day 6, Monday:
4 full pans hashbrowns (6lbs ea)
1 shotgun hashbrowns (3 lbs)
3 full pans french toast (3 lbs ea)
2 shotguns eggs (8 lbs ea)
1/2 shotgun potstickers (1 lb)
2 full pans mashed potatoes (14 lbs ea)
2 shotguns rice (8lbs ea)
2 full pans lasagna (10 lbs ea)
Total for day six: 117 lbs. geez.

Day 7:
3 pans potato cubes (6lbs ea)
2 shotgun eggs (8lbs ea)
2 pans pancakes (2lbs ea)
No waste. They saved everything.
4 full pans Mac and Cheese (7lbs ea)
3 shotguns veggies (2lbs ea)
3 shotguns rice (8lbs ea)
Total waste for day seven: 94 lbs